Easing Into May: Adjusting

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself really adjusting to our new normal.

I have always wished for less time spent going to work and more time feeling and experiencing the moments in my day.

That wish has been granted, albeit at high cost.

I find myself marvelling at how quick I adjusted to a life confined.

How hours could be spent colouring or staring out of my bedroom window.

It feels like I’ve entered an indefinite retreat and my mind longs for meditation, candle lighting and silence.

How have you adjusted to this time?

Have you had to adjust to traumatic losses?

Have you had to adjust to constant worry?

Or have you simply had to adjust to a slower pace of life?

Each one of us has faced trauma in various degrees.

But for those of us who are able, lets ease into May and send love to those who can’t.

Much love Txx

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