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Yesterday Peace found me.

It found me when I was having a day lying in bed watching Netflix.

It found me when I was too mentally exhausted to do much else.

This has been a hard couple of months of adjusting, uncertainty and fear.

Though I have been able to move into these spaces with optimism and spiritual strength, I have felt and oftentimes held the tension of those close to me and the world.

When Peace snuck up on me, I was simply tired.

Tired of thinking, hoping and praying.

I wanted to just be in a way that required nothing of me.

In trying to escape myself, I found me. 

I found the Peace that is at the centre of every one of us.

The knowing that all is in right alignment, no matter how it may look.

The Peace of understanding that control is out of our hands, and that Grace will shine on us relentlessly.

I found myself thinking of what it would be like to see certain people again, to understand that since I had seen them last – The world had changed.

This is the thought that brought peace to me.

With every shift, there is possibility.

Much love Txx

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