Everyday Is Different, That Is OK.




(When the UK was super hot a couple of weeks back and the Sun brought out my inner child…can you see her?)


One of the things I like best about practising Yoga everyday is the way in which everyday I am different.

Some days getting on the mat is a chore, other days I can’t wait!

Some days I feel strong and can plank like a pro.

Other days the thought of doing anything but gentle stretching fills me with dread.

It is in this same way that lockdown teaches me.

Sometimes I am completely fine with this.

Sometimes it feels unreal.

Sometimes it feels normal.

Sometimes I worry about the future.

Sometimes I am hopeful about the future.

Sometimes I miss people.

Sometimes I am grateful for the time to myself.

Sometimes I sing while I work.

Sometimes the hours drag by.

Everyday is different, that is OK.

Much love Txx

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