Surrender The Need To Plan

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“Surrender the need to plan.”


I said this to someone the other day, but really I was saying it to myself.

Recently I went through my phone’s calendar.

Looking back at all the plans I had over the last year.

It was in stark contrast to the next few months where plans have had to be cancelled, and I really have no idea what I will be able to do in the next 3 months, 6 months, even a year.

I have found of all this opening, this expansion of space, quite an exciting thing.

I used to be a massive over-planner, relishing in planning weekends away, dinners with friends, and summer holidays with my mum.

I used to plan my weeks down to every single event, often leaving little room for anything spontaneous.

A week in which I had hardly anything planned, was a plan in itself!

This is because I also factored into my plans, rest. (Which often got planned over)

Now that I, and everyone else, cannot make any plans – I feel liberated!

Liberated from my diary, my need to fill.

Filling up my schedule was much more about trying to feel worthy than it was about wanting to be super busy.

I felt like the mark of a successful life was where each day left little time.

How wrong I was.

The mark of a successful life is time. 

Time to think, time to pray, time to meditate.

Time for myself, time for loved ones, time for creativity.

Time left over for reflection or to just be.

Time to be thankful. 


Much love Txx

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