Wiping The Slate Clean

blank book pages desk green

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Something about Lockdown has taught me how to forgive.

I always thought forgiveness meant telling a person, whether they apologised or not,  that you forgive them, that you understand, that it is OK.

I used to think that forgiveness meant saying sorry first and doing absolutely everything in my power to make something right, even if it was not my wrong to rectify.

Now I understand that forgiveness can include all of these things, but is not complete until you reach acceptance.

Acceptance that though you can wipe the slate clean, only the other person is able to forgive themselves. 

Forgiving another person is really about ourselves.

Lightening our souls so we can move forward.

The person on the other side of this process has a responsibility greater than apologising.

Their main task is to look themselves in the eye and feel at peace with who they are and what they have done.

So do you see how this slate has two sides?

One side for you, and one side for the other.

You can only truly clean up your own side. 

So, this Lockdown has allowed me to wipe the slate clean with many people, without them even knowing.


Much love Txx


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