Do The Thing That Takes Away The Hours




I have rediscovered my love of colouring since this Lockdown began.

I can spend hours scribbling inside the lines with yellows, blues, reds and greens, purples, pinks and peach.

It got me thinking how important it is to find what takes away the hours for us, and then do it regularly.

I am not talking about things that you can escape into. 

I am talking about activities that give you so much joy the hours disappear.

Can you tell the difference?

The thing that takes away the hours will be good for you.

There will be no hangover or shame once it is done.

It will lift you up and give you energy.

The things that take away the hours will magically feel both fast and slow at the same time!

You will be so totally absorbed you feel each moment, yet look up and the hours have passed.

The things that take away the hours are good wholesome fun, do you have any in your life?

Cultivate them.

Much love Txx

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