Things I Am Cooking In Lockdown – Comfort/Junk Edition


Ok, so I try to be healthy, but I like junk and comfort food as much as the next person.

During this Lockdown time, I have been cooking every single meal whereas in times past I would usually have at least one meal of the day out.

So how have I been keeping things interesting?

By making my own treats!

Here’s the ‘naughty’ food I have been cooking and eating in Lockdown:


Snickers Bar Cake!



It was my friend’s birthday who I also happen to live with, so in an effort to make a lockdown/socially distant birthday a little more special… I made a (Gluten Free) Snickers Bar cake!

The recipe I wrote out in full on my instagram here. 




Baked Potato 


There is nothing like a baked potato when you are craving warmth and grounding.

Root vegetables as a whole, have the potential to satisfy you in a truly hearty way, keeping you full for ages!

I seem to have brought the world’s largest potatoes this time around so I baked one for 2.5 hours in a 180 degrees oven.

It was deliciously fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

I filled it with dairy free olive spread, lactose free cheese and baked beans.


Cheese Toasty 



So I finally worked out how to make a cheese toasty in a frying pan!

I lightly toasted two slices of gluten free bread and buttered them with non-dairy spread.

On the unbuttered side of one slice I layered a few slices of lactose free cheese and covered it with the other slice – buttered side up.

Then I placed the sandwich in a frying pan, turning frequently with a spatula until the desired gooey result was achieved.

I served with grapes.





Sometimes a girl just wants pancakes, even a gluten free girl – but these are hard to find.

So I make my own, and they are just as fluffy as regular pancakes.

I mix some self-raising gluten free flour with oat milk and one egg until runny enough to pour, but still with some density.

In a well heated frying pan, I pour the mixture to a size that works for me. When it begins to bubble on one side I flip with a spatula (no fancy flipping here) and after a minute (ish) on both sides it is done.

I serve with honey because maple syrup is far too expensive in the UK!



So did you enjoy that?

I certainly enjoyed eating it all!

Much love Txx

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