The Things We Are Told

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Over the years I have been told many things about myself by others.

I’ve been told:

You are not good at art.

You are not good at photography.

You are soooooo nice.

You are weird looking, in a model kind of way.

You don’t look like you are from the Caribbean.

You don’t talk like a black person.

Your hair is ‘good hair’ – that is why you can wear it like that.

You are too opinionated.

You are intense.

You will be single FOREVER if you have those standards.

You are too flirty.

You had better hurry up, settle down and have children.

You don’t know your own mind, because YOU are too young.

You’re not into THAT are you?

You did what?

You said no???!!!


That was cathartic to write!

As a woman, and even more so as a black woman, I am constantly pigeonholed.

I have had to fight simply to be me.

This is something many of you will relate to regardless of gender or race.

Other people make a habit of telling us what they think we are.

Well no more.

You are the only person who truly knows who you are.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Much love Txx

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