Say Hello To June: Precious

Who knew we would find ourselves in the middle of the year facing the things we are?

Not just longer days and shorter nights (here in the UK), but a world significantly changed from just a few short months ago.

Those that have had no choice or have allowed these changes to change us, are intuitively ready for what the rest of this year has in store.

This month of June offers us some respite.

Moving into summer we will feel more optimistic, bathing in ALL the love as we start to meet with those we care about again.

Most of us will value these things in ways we never have before.

But life is different, slower, more fragile and precious.

I have been asked if I knew what was coming, if I know what will come.

I answer that all of us know in our gut, all of us can feel it if we tap in.

The future has a measure of fluidity built in, and our fate lies much more in our hands than we may realise.

The month of June asks us to reflect on all that has happened and feel into what is coming up.

Enjoy all that you can.

Much love Txx

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