How To Pray

Start off with gratitude, thank the Universe, God or anything you want for seeing another day.

Pray for yourself, your safety and well being. Just speak it, don’t worry about the right words.

Pray for your friends and family, your neighbours, your colleagues.

Pray for those you see in the news, widen it out to the whole world.

Pray for those who are struggling, for those who are coping and helping others to cope.

Pray for those you’ve lost contact with.

Pray in bed lying down or sitting in a chair.

Pray whilst your out in nature, on concrete or in your kitchen.

Pray during/before/after meditation, whilst you exercise.

Oh yeah and don’t let the word prayer put you off.

Simply talk it out.

Let it fall out of you.

Rage, cry, laugh.

And afterwards you’ll feel better.

The world won’t feel as scary.

The days not quite so tough.

It will make everything just a little brighter.

And don’t be mistaken – prayer really does make a difference.

Those you pray for will feel it.

The whole world will feel it.

You will feel it.

Lay your burdens down.

Then get up and start another day.

This is how we pray.

Much love Txx

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