Close To Midnight

I get the wrong tram into town and have to walk through the Arndale

not in MCR long I feel silly, self conscious to be lost

I get to Starbucks before and settle with peppermint tea.

You turn up and laugh at my slurping

banging your head on the lampshade, it’s my turn. 

When you cycled up to the window I mouthed to you that was fast and you looked at me with those blue eyes that could freeze.

in our seats you notice the birthmark and leave me astounded

friends I’ve known all life not

one brother 30 years, the other, last time I was in London. 

at the cinema you show off your comedic skills and we pick sweets and chocolates to share

You: sorry for picking so many.


before the film, dinner in that Thai you take girls. The place you’d wanted to take me…but I’d eaten already. I didn’t realise it was a date. 

We sit in place on high seats at the bar, I feel you feeling how different it feels to be sat in place as you were with another with me. 

taken aback by how much you can make me laugh. how I throw my head back like a child.

one time I meet your eyes and you hold it so long I’m confused.

we laugh in the cinema in the delicious dark equipped with ALL the treats. I feel you close to me, and I try not to jump into your arms

once the lights are on, you don’t want to leave

we sit close to midnight, and you gaze at my lips.

The security guard gets aggy

out to the lobby

Unchained Melody plays on speakers, popcorn smells, and I sing along. 

You watch me. 

You are overwhelmed.

Much love Txx

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