Half A Day (In Food)

mushrooms on kitchen top

Today it is Saturday and I have been up since 4.50am.

I attended a webinar from Australia at 5, then decided to start my day off with some baking.

I baked this Gluten Free Vegan loaf, the best bread I have ever made.

I scrambled some tofu for a fry up.

Before the fry up and when the bread was in the oven, I ate chopped up pear and apple with soya yogurt and honey marble.

Before food even graced my lips:

I began with lemon and hot water, from the leftover lemons used to make a batch of lemonade.

After a nap to a thunderstorm I enjoy a tea and some dark chocolate.


As I was putting this post together I thought about what cooking and baking mean to me.

It’s a way I show up for myself.

Perhaps, I enjoy cooking even more for myself than I do for others.

There is something wonderful about waking up for a day on your own and deciding that you will make yourself the very best.

Much love Txx

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