Unplugging…To Plug-In

I have returned home to London for a while to spend some time with my family.

I really feel like I need to unplug a little.

3 months of Lockdown gave me a lot of time to work things through.

Now I just want to have a break.

It’s strange –

In the last few weeks, I have found it hard to receive intuitive information.

It was like everything was quiet – even my Guides.

When this happens, I know it is because there is nothing I need to be doing except existing.

Just being.

So I have come home to just be.

To see my family and friends.

My Cat.

Life for me, can too easily become all about tuning in to help others.

Sometimes I need to tune out to help me.

Get ready for some really chill posts this summer.

Much Love Txx

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