Think With Your Heart

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Is that even possible?

I am laying in the bath. My back hurts. Downside to working from home.

I am thinking about something when my Guides tell me to think with my heart.

I understand the need to drop into my heart and feel things, but to think with the heart?

How does that work?

The Tarot can very much be based on intellect.

The cards have a specific meaning and a system.

Not every Tarot reader is a psychic or a medium and so the cards can stand alone.

I love working with cards in addition to my intuitive abilities. However occasionally I have to move away from that ‘head’ energy, and settle into not just my intuition but my heart.

The heart is a tree that grows where it wants.

Shona proverb

I love the proverb above.

It illustrates so clearly that the heart has intention.

The heart has a will, and a want.

So using it as a thinking tool is not such a weird idea.

How does it work?

For me, it is about the recognition and then the dismissal of traditional thought.

Thoughts have a way of bombarding us. They are loud and insistent.

The heart is so much quieter.

It’s that sweet spot that somehow feels right despite it flying in the face of what the evidence states.

It’s the other voice, not the quiet one of your intuition, but the opposite one to the loudest.

It’s the thing that will get you laughed at.

It’s the thing that you fear is embarrassing, or could not possibly be true.

My Guides were not saying that I should always listen to this voice and act according to what it says.

There were saying, add it to the arsenal of your thinking skills.

Use rational thought, your intuition, and your heart.

This leads to a more balanced point of view.

Much love Txx

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