Psychic School: Good Energy

“You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others.”

Oprah Winfrey

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Those that have been reading this blog for a while, will know that I have been developing my skills with The College of Psychic Studies in London, for a number of years now.

I have a whole series of posts on this blog, about the work I did there in two terms over the year of 2018, as well as follow ups. (You can find them by searching for “Psychic School”.)

Since moving away from London, I have been limited to attending one-day workshops when I’m back in town.

However due to the pandemic, the college has placed a new emphasis on online courses, and I attended my first one last Saturday!

It was a day about energy.

How to truly understand what kind of energy we are putting out, and create a firmer boundary between ours and another’s.

Energy is everything.

I read energy almost constantly, and have done so long before I called myself by the labels of Psychic and Medium.

When I was a child, I often got into trouble for saying things I could read in another person’s energy.

This would result in a high level of defensiveness in a person, when they realised I saw something they had not even acknowledged or were aware existed.

If they did know about this thing I could sense/see, they had endeavoured to hide it at all costs, and there I was bringing it up like it was common knowledge.

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Subsequently I was repeatedly described as ‘sharp’, ‘intuitive’ and ‘sensitive’.

I was also regarded with a lot of suspicion, by some. I was called ‘arrogant’, ‘sarcastic’ or ‘complacent’.

It led to a lot of pain, until I learnt not to talk about the things I just knew.

I can also see energy.

I can see the energy of a passed on loved one, I can see the energy of an Angel.

If I am in the right zone I can even see the energy of nature.

Once when my spiritual re-awakening was in full force, I found myself desperate to be near the sea.

I took myself away to Brighton for the night.

In the morning as if in a trance, I sat by the waterfront and saw the sea’s energy in the form of golden particles.

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I also see energy in dream form.

I regularly have dreams that are alerting me to something I need to tell someone, or something that is about to happen.

One of my sisters actually made a key decision after a dream I had, which I was glad for because it was a matter of safety.

When I meditate I also see energy in the form of colours, and meet the energy of my spirit team.

I say all this, because I want you to know how tangible energy work is in my life.

On the course, last Saturday, I met a lady with the most beautiful energy, an energy that was simply good.

This kind of energy in a human being is hard to come by.

Energy that is barely tainted by the challenges we all face.

She felt humble, loving and kind.

Her heart was open and vulnerable.

Being in her presence restored me – because she was able to energetically give to me as much as I gave to her.

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Living my life as a person highly attuned to energy can be exhausting.

This is the reason why some Mediums, including myself, struggle with chronic illness.

We take on the energies of others in a way that can play havoc on our bodies.

We feel a drive to help and impart what we know so much sometimes, that it can be difficult to know when to stop and look after ourselves.

Coming into contact with someone whose energy vibration matched my own, was a welcome surprise.

Good energy is not about being a perfect person.

It is not about living without challenge and pain.

Having good energy is about being aware of the energy that you are putting out to others.

Its why we gravitate to certain people who make us feel good.

Those with good energy endeavour to take full responsibility for their energy.

These people are caring, loving and kind.

They are strong and resilliant.

They are also often on the receiving end of unfair/ damaging/abusive treatment by others.

In this girl on the course, I recognised this, I recognised me.

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So, I humbly ask you to think about the energy you are bringing into the lives of others.

How do you interact with people, strangers, loved ones?

Do you understand that your energy is your responsibility?

Just knowing that can make the world of difference to everyone around you.

Much love Txx

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