Many Strings To My Bow

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“To be a full time spiritual worker, or not to be?”

In January 2019 I attended a course at a local Spiritualist Church.

When the day finished one of the Mediums drove me home.

He was a man in his seventies, who looked about fifty.

He had a tough guy demeanour and a respected reputation in the community.

He gave me the most amazing advice.

Advice that I find myself revisiting over a year later.

Advice that will return to me at key points for the rest of my life.

He said:

“You have a very precise way of speaking.”

I explained that I was a major geek with three literature based degrees.

He paused.

“And you have many strings to your bow.”

He went on to intuit/channel my concerns about moving towards more spiritual work.

He reassured me there are many things I am good at.

(I can be a poet, a librarian AND a lightworker!)

He explained that I might want to have a family, pursue all manner of different directions –

Mediumship did not have to be my sole purpose just because I can do it.

He then explained the downside of having so many strings to my bow.

He said it would inspire envy in others.

I got out the car and entered the house I lived in at the time.

I sat down at the little coffee table with a notebook.

I tried to scribble everything he had told me.

Little did I know it would forever be inked into my memory.

His voice there when I need it the most.

Much love Txx

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