A Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Pisces: Emotional Debris

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The energy of this full moon comes to me like a vision in that half asleep/half awake state.

Weirdly, I have been sleeping fantastically well these last few days, much better than I usually sleep under a full moon.

It is because I feel submerged, in a good way, in my darkest and deepest emotions.


This full moon in Pisces is asking us to go deep within and connect with our shadow.

We may feel as though we are in a large body of water, struggling to keep our heads up.

Intuitively we know that it is best not to struggle against the current but to allow ourselves to be guided by it.

The light of this full moon guarantees that we will not be pulled under even if at times we feel we might.

What we have been trying to avoid is about to rise to the surface, bobbing in front of us like debris on a wave.

Are you prepared to dive deep and excavate what needs to leave your life?

Once and for all?

Know that the energy of this full moon will support you.

Much love Txx

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