The Triangle

Have you ever felt your life shift and change – at the exact moment it happens?

Something strange is happening in my reality at the moment.

I feel as though I’ve stepped onto a path that screams longevity, commitment and security.

Roads are opening up in front of me that secretly I felt I had no access to

The most surprising thing of all is how quietly this is happening, how obviously.

There is an inevitability that I feel in my soul.

I had many heads up, all magical.

The one I can physically show you however is in the form of a symbol.

It turned up on my bedroom window a couple of days last week.

The first morning I was sitting on my bed drinking a herbal tea when I noticed it.

A triangle. 

So perfectly formed on the glass.

I’d just done something daring, and it felt like divine congratulation.

The next morning it was there again.

I spoke to a friend about it, my psychic circle too – what could it mean?

Finally on Saturday afternoon, watching a film and drinking tea again, it dawned on me:

The bottom of the triangle stands for the foundation I’ve so diligently built.

The two lines pointing upwards, converge – representing where I am going.

My future path was literally drawn out for me where I had no chance of missing it.

It sends actual shivers down my spine as I write this.

It is so powerful and I feel so grateful.

A portal into a new life has opened.

Much love Txx

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