Eeerie And Peculiar


There is something strange and eerie about hearing the lady living in the flat beneath me, sing happy birthday on her own, down her phone to family and friends.

As the months of the pandemic continue I have heard her sing a few times.

This lady used to be incredibly social.

So social I bought earplugs to drown out the noise of her laughter.

Now I find myself sad that the sound of her joy has diminished.

As the UK sits firmly in Autumn, it is not only the darkness drawing us inside, but government imposed restrictions.

The air has changed, colder, and tenser as we all wonder just how we are going to cope if the country goes into full lockdown again.

There is a lot of fear, but also resistance.

I sit in my flat and wonder.

It’s a great day for light today. It twinkles off floors and furniture.

It is sunny and auburn outside, though cold enough inside to be wrapped in a furry dressing gown.

Life feels suspended somehow.

Like The Hangman in Tarot, we are all in limbo awaiting news and change that feels completely out of our control.

But we have got to continue to live.

To socialise in the ways we can.

To get out for walks in nature, to eat well.

This winter is set to be one of the most peculiar we will have all known.

But winter is a natural time to hibernate.

Can you find a way to commit to your inner growth during this time?

The Hangman is not idle – he uses his time of pause for enlightenment.

We can too.

Much love Txx

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