The Month Before Your Birthday

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The month leading up to your birthday is a natural time to reflect on your life.

The Sun is about to return to the place it was at the day of your birth, and the lead up is a natural time of darkness, of retreat before leaping forwards into your new year.

Being a sensitive soul, this period starts to affect me about two months before my birthday.

I am born at the end of November, and from the end of September, as the days becoming shorter and the darkness starts to creep in, I feel like all I need is walks in the park and deep sleep.

I often have new things begin for me in November, so in my own personal shadow period, I begin to reflect on my life up until now.

This year, I am letting go of the desire for things to be any different than they are.

I am finally coming to peace.

So, on the lead up to your birthday month – whenever that is- I wish you the same levels of grace and healing.

Much love Txx

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