36 Reasons To Be Grateful

By Tarot Bish – Temperance, The card of Sagittarius

So I am about to turn 36.

The tarot card of Temperance (pictured above) is all about moderation, balance and alchemy. It is the card associated with Sagittarius – my astrological sun sign.

It resonates with me this year more than it ever has done before.

I am amazed and humbled by each passing solar return.

Today I look at 36 reasons I am grateful.


  • For the lessons I have learnt, and the wisdom they have given me.
  • For the hard times that have strengthened me and helped to open my heart.
  • For new friends that have joined me on my path.
  • For my therapist who supports me in building healthy relationships.
  • For my awareness of my own boundaries and the courage to act in line with these.
  • For sometimes feeling bored as there is 0 drama in my life 😉
  • For the trees I see from my living room window.
  • For Autumn in all its splendour.
  • For my health and the means with which to maintain it.
  • For my family who have flowed along with me.
  • For quiet days and bursts of laughter.
  • For rain, especially when I am all toasty inside.
  • For the acceptance of simply not knowing what life has in store.
  • For the perspective life has given me.
  • For growing comfort in my own skin.
  • For growing acceptance of my beauty.
  • For my work family – who look after me way beyond work hours.
  • For this blog and you who read it.
  • For my spiritual team of Angels, fairies, guides etc.
  • For God.
  • For the sun rising each day, and the darkness at night.
  • For a home of my own that is my sanctuary.
  • For the abundance of love and security I am lucky to possess.
  • For meditation and Sharpham Trust.
  • For my psychic circle.
  • For flower remedies, which I have just started using. (Recommended by a fairy!)
  • For essential oils.
  • For crystals.
  • For time spent by myself.
  • For my growing ability to look after myself.
  • For my growing awareness of the continual need to slow down.
  • For tears of release.
  • For learning how to be supported by others.
  • For learning to recieve.
  • For learning to forgive myself and others.
  • For the opportunity of a clean slate (something we all have)

Much love Txx

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