How Do I Write This?

How do I write this?


Last week I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my life entered into a realm not yet explored by me.

This blog for many years has charted my healing and awakening journey.

A while ago I wrote that the purpose of the blog would be shifting away from myself and on to more guidance from spirit.

Little did I know that spirit had plans for how I would further develop and what I would share with you, my readers.

I have now entered into a physical healing journey which I must write about.

It feels like the next way in which I will be able to serve.

This experience feels like a bridge to the next part of me.

I could not access her without this and so I am grateful.

It may sound jarring to you to hear that I am grateful for what is universally a frightening diagnosis, but my faith dictates how I live my life and every inch of it is sacred.

I already know one thing that breast cancer is here to show me – the ability to receive.

As a truly independent person, I love the challenge and the reward of achieving things by myself.

I have always struggled with allowing others to help, and simply allowing others to give to me. I am so much more comfortable with being the one who meets other’s needs.

So it felt like a balance of scales to know that for the next little while I will have to lean on people more than I ever have done before.

So the blog continues within this context. It will still be spirit based and will focus on the spiritual lessons I learn along this next part of my journey.

I hope you will join me.

Much love Txx

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