What The Tree Taught Me

This is not just any tree…this is a Bloom and Wild letterbox Christmas tree and I love it!

It came with wooden star decorations which I could mindfully colour.

It came with soil and moss that I had to get my hands stuck into, my fingernails dirty.

It came with therapeutic benefits I could not have anticipated as it grounded me, raising my vibration from one of worry to peace.

Christmas is not going to be normal for any of us this year.

2020 brought with it a changing of our lives, and the end of the year brought a swift sharp turn to mine.

The message of Christmas is still about a light in the darkness however.

Hope born out of the stars in the form of a soul teacher of love.

The night before last, my guides used my little tree to illustrate a message I will relay for you here.

It’s a message perfect for when you’re looking for the light:

Trees need every kind of weather to grow. The soil is fortified not just with sunshine, but also lightning, hail and snow.

This is your time of thunderstorm.

The most powerful growth happens in the dark.


So know this dear readers – even times of great challenge have the potential to make us bloom.

Much love Txx

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