How Am I Feeling?

Saturday night on my sofa…

During this pandemic I have written a couple of posts asking you all how you are feeling.

Today I decided I needed to check in with myself and ask that very same question of me.

My life substantially shifted when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 weeks ago.

During that time I’ve had surgery and recovered well.

I’m on track to undertake very manageable treatment from here on out.

However life changing effects are already making themselves known to me.

I feel like a completely different person than who I was less than two months ago.

Luckily I am used to this feeling.

Since developing as a psychic medium my life has undergone metamorphosis many times over.

I know that sometimes the most challenging of circumstances lead to the most positive of changes.

Back to that question…

How am I feeling?

still on that sofa…

I feel blessed, almost unbelievably so, that so far this has been straightforward to treat.

I feel grateful for how well my body has coped and healed.

I feel comforted by the spiritual support and perspective I have, which allows me to miss rock bottom.

I feel optimistic about what is next in my life.

I feel closer to certain people and have a greater understanding of the love that is shared.

But… how am I feeling?

being silly on that sofa…

Ocasionally, usually before appoitments, I feel utterly terrified of what news I may receive.

Sometimes I feel anxious in ways I have not done in years.

Sometimes I feel fearful of all the future risks.

Sometimes I am sad that my life requires so much thought regarding my health, when before I could blissfully take it all for granted.

Sometimes I mourn all that has changed, how my thoughts used to only center on romance or netflix, or what to cook for dinner.

Mostly though, I am in awe that normal has faded into nothingness.

I am humbled by how much more real life has become.

Much love Txx

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