Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Every single medic, tea lady and nurse I encountered during my recent surgery experience were amazing.

I’ve never known so much kindness and support from strangers.

One person in particular really stood out – an anaesthetist called Dan.

He was about my age, and I was told by a fairy he would look after me.

Let’s rewind…

In the days leading up to surgery I experienced the most anxiety I have felt in… perhaps ever.

I couldn’t talk to many people in the days leading up to it, all of my energy and focus went on managing this fear.

At night, I spent time with my spirit guides and angels, praying for myself and the medical team that would be looking after me.

One night, a fairy I know well, told me that I would meet the anaesthetist on the day and that he would put my mind instantly at ease.

The day came.

After walking down to the operating theatre and waiting outside feeling incredibly scared, I met my anaesthetist.

He was not at all reassuring!

He flapped around with undone scrubs and a mask below his nose.

He looked at me in disbelief after finding out I had never had surgery before.

He exclaimed:

“Where are your notes? Have you seen your notes?!”

I had not.


As he ran off in a hectic search I saw what looked like an Angel walking down the corridor towards me.

I squirmed around in my chair not wanting to stare at this rather good looking Angel/Man.

He sat beside me:

“Hi, I’m one of your anaesthetists…Dan”

Ahh – he put my mind instantly at ease.

Not only did Dan reassure me with his words but also his actions.

He walked me into the operating theatre and took great care to make sure I felt comfortable.

He held my hospital gown shut as I climbed onto the bed.

He moved hair away from my face as he fixed on my oxygen mask.

He covered my shoulder when I had to open my gown for one of the many other people in the room.

I fell asleep to his gentle hazel eyes whilst he asked me about violin playing.

Thank you Dan, for your tenderness.

Much love Txx

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