I Woke Up Humming

Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com


Today I was lying on my bed doing my physio exercises and thinking.

Thinking about how when I woke up from surgery, as well as hearing the words:

“Wounds clean and dry…”

I also heard the sound of my own voice humming.

I have been told by friends, I have lived or stayed with, that I spend a lot of my time humming around the house.

Hearing myself as I woke up from the anesthetic was a mixture of eerie and hilarious!

I was so incredibly happy to have woken up (I am sure the mixture of drugs in my system also led to this exhilaration) – humming was the natural conclusion.

I notice now, when I wake up each morning in my own bed, I also hum.

Each morning, I really do truly feel grateful to be alive. I have always felt this way as long as I can remember.

It occurs to me today, as I write this, that not everyone wakes up with this same feeling.

I know some people wake up from anesthetic laughing, crying or shivering. Sometimes accompanied with an instant feeling of sickness.

I wonder if the way we wake up from this enforced sleep says everything about how we are really feeling about life in general?

I am in awe that I wake up humming. In awe that I never noticed it before – and sad that some of the times I remember humming or singing around the house – I have been told to stop.

How are we constantly censoring ourselves?

In what ways do we stuff down our emotions, happy or sad?

Waking up after surgery with a hum in my throat taught me that whatever we try to hide – will escape from us regardless.

So why not be ourselves with abandon?

Much love Txx

3 thoughts on “I Woke Up Humming

  1. This is fascinating to think about. My surgery last year, I woke up in the ward. I don’t remember recovery at all and apparently I had a whole conversation with one of the surgeons in recovery and in the ward that I have absolutely no recall at all about. When he asked me if I remember seeing him in either recovery or the ward and I said no, he said it happens with some people that no memory is made as they come out of GA (I was under for about 7hrs). Hugs and yay for humming! (I don’t wake up like that, I usually wake up with pain and/or no sense of where I am).

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