Three Months

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Today marks three months since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

3 months, 4 full moons and 13 weeks.

I was diagnosed on the day of the Full Moon back in November, and as that energy lingers once again in the sky – I am reflective.

I remember what I was wearing the day before the appointment at the hospital.

It was my birthday and just about warm enough to wear a midi skirt without tights.

Whilst doing physio exercises the other day, I noticed that same black and white skirt in my wardrobe. The weather is turning warm, and again I could just about wear it now with bare legs.

The sister who has been staying with me for the last three months, has left.

I still have one active treatment to start and a friend of mine will be staying with me through that.

In the couple of weeks in-between my sister leaving and my friend arriving – I have my independence back.

I can sit in my own energy again, and really process what has happened to me as the seasons innocuously changed.

What happened to me was not just breast cancer.

Life happened to me. Real, true and vibrant life.

I have spent time almost everyday in the last 91 in the park. Watching the trees shed leaves and the flowers grow.

Watching children play and my own feet walk.

Watching the lake freeze over, thaw and freeze over again.

Watching birds in flight, wondering how it could possibly be that I feel so free.

So here I am, it has been three months, and for the umpteenth time in my life I feel like a different person.

This person knows the value of a hot shower, and a comfortable night’s sleep.

She knows how to appreciate the value of raising her arm above her head and the value of waking up humming.

She has accepted that support from others can become the most important thing in an instant.

She has learnt to go slower than she has ever gone in her life.

Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “Three Months

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Toni Ann, you are such a strong and spiritually aware woman that I feel you will tap into the earths healing energy and be on the mend in no time.

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