You Attract What You Are

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Somewhere in-between breast cancer treatment I met a man in the park.

He seemed fairly familiar but I was not sure why at first.

I was listening to an audio book and feeling so incredibly happy it was like I was floating.

The air was freezing and occasionally a barrage of hail/snow would hit me in the face.

I was definitely not dressed my best – a soft jumpsuit tucked into my socks, with a puffa coat on top. Woolly hat on my head.

He started talking to me before I noticed him really, and I had to unplug the earphones.

We walked and we talked.

That was a month ago, and today I am thinking about what attracted this man’s presence to mine.

It could not have been how I looked. Like I said, I was covered up almost completely from the cold.

It was not my friendly demeanour as he literally started talking before I had even registered him.

I was deep in my healing process.

I moved around the park to move the trauma of diagnosis and surgery out of my body.

I didn’t know this is why I did it, I just knew I had to do it, everyday, rain or shine.

Like the cold air hitting my face, he burst my bubble of numbness.

Did I do the same for him?

I understand that everything that comes into our lives comes in for a reason.

So there was a reason to that meeting.

It marked a turning point and opened me up again.

I started walking with friends again. Talking with friends again.

I realised that despite feeling so broken, I was in fact much further along my healing process.

So much farther along in-fact – that a new version of myself was knitting itself into existence with invisible fast-moving needles.

So this man was attracted to a new me.

The first person in fact to meet me.

Much love Txx

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