Currently my breast is weeping – a side effect from radiotherapy.

It’s making me weep tears too – probably a good thing.

I fight crying.

I feel defeated when I feel that urge behind my nose.

I feel helpless when the tears run hot.

I must be strong

This has been drummed into me since… forever.

So much so that it is hard to be weak.

It’s hard to let go, even when I have so much to let go.

It’s been a tough 5 months of physical pain, and discomfort.

5 months of emotional realisations and determination.

Now I have time to rest, and I am fighting that.

I want to get back out there into life, but what life am I going back to?

My old one has gone, in its place a tender new beginning like the skin on my chest.

So I’ll weep along with the weeping.

I know this is part of the process.

Much love Txx

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