A Good Break-Up

Me in the park, feeling at one with nature and a little bit witchy!

So I have had another break up, but it was a good break up.

I say another break up, but in reality I have not had that many. I’ve had less than a handful of romantic partners but they have all been very long relationships, and all of the break-ups were brutal!

This time I was dating a man for a little under 6 months. He came into my life whilst I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and he looked after my emotional and mental health in the sweetest and strongest of ways.

However as I recovered I realized that his struggle was deeper than mine.

See, I am sure he literally walked into my life at the time he did because we were both in the midst of challenging times. He gave me the love and support I needed. I gave him the same.

Until I realized that his troubles were perhaps something he was unable to recover from any time soon.

I am being deliberately vague here as his issues are not mine to tell.

So I broke up with him in order for us both to move on to better things, much more suited to us as our lives continue.

In the heat of my battle we were perfect for each other, but really it could only ever be temporary – he is fighting a war.

I am so proud of myself for seeing this. So quickly, and so clearly, where in the past I held on for far too long.

I have learnt to love freely, and this sometimes means letting go.

My, what a beautiful realization.

Much love Txx

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