This Is Where The Peace Lives

So I was feeling good.

I was slowly getting back to a more vigorous exercise routine, was dealing well with my return to work, and had even gone on trips to London to see family.

Then something happened that knocked me right back.

As I stretched out on my mat during a very gentle yoga session, almost a week after this event, I felt some peace at last.

I had been beating myself up for being knocked back.

I realised, making myself a cup of tea, that life is a series of one step forward, two steps back and maybe this is not a bad thing.

We think we need to go forward, forward, forward at all times.

This is not life.

Life is about being strong sometimes, but also being weak.

Life is about feeling good, but also feeling bad.

Life is about lovely things happening, and challenging things happening.

Life is about setbacks – as much as anything else.

Today I choose to accept that.

This is where the peace lives.

Much love Txx

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