Who Am I Now? (Part One)

Traditionally, things make it onto this blog when I have processed them somewhat.

In the past year, I have learnt that some things can’t be ‘processed’, rather they have the power to change us, so that we become brand new.

In my Instagram stories I asked if people would like to know more about me. Why I do what I do, what I have been through.

I toyed with updating my ‘About Me’ page on this blog, and simply posting a link.

However, I wanted to write something that would attempt to capture exactly where I am at in this moment, because it is quite the moment for me right now.

I have said before, that I feel an entirely different person to the me of years ago.

I feel this way again.

I often shy away from these kinds of posts, because I feel it is hard for the people that know me in ‘real life’ to understand.

For some, watching a person they have known for years morph into someone they no longer recognise, is very disconcerting.

But here goes…

The experience of having breast cancer has changed my life, and continues to change me.

It has changed me in a way that I could never have predicted.

It has changed me in a very earthly way.

Spiritually and emotionally, I had already been transforming by the time diagnosis hit.

I’d found a way to live that fuelled and nourished me.

The last piece in the ‘puzzle of me’ was my physical body, yet I didn’t even know it.

Surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy took me deep into my physical self. Every sensation, every function. Especially those involved with womanhood.

Next week I will start to explore this more deeply with you, my dear and lovely readers!

Much love and keep tuned for part two!


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