Sudden Warmth


I wasn’t planning on blogging today. I am actually in my office at work, but just had to write this out because it is sitting with me. It is warming me up and I wanted to share.

On my approach to the building this morning, I realized there was a fire alarm, and everyone was convening at the meeting point.

It was the very first time I’ve seen my wider cohort of colleagues in over a year, all huddling outside in the rain.

I spotted a few girls from the HR department, who are some of the only people in the wider community who knew of my cancer diagnosis.

They all stopped to say how good it was to see me – and I felt it. Such genuine warmth and emotion that it lit me up.

This is one of the benefits of feeling things so deeply, of feeling the energy of others – I know when someone is truly aligned when it comes to the words out of their mouths, and the feeling inside their hearts

These girls really were happy to see me and the strength of that was sudden and profound.

Much love Txx

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