What A Difference A Year Makes

What a difference a day makes
24 little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I’m a part of you, dear
My lonely nights are through, dear
Since you said you were mine

What a difference a day makes
There’s a rainbow before me
Skies above can’t be stormy
Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss
It’s heaven when you find romance on your menu
What a difference a day made
And the difference is you

Dinah Washington – Songwriters: Adams Stanley / Grever Maria

Ok so here it is, the post you have all been waiting for – the mushy one!

It is also the ultimate reflective one.

This time last year I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, at age 36, and my life changed forever.

I remember one of the doctors looking at me with tears in her eyes:

“It was your birthday yesterday”

Yes – I received my diagnosis the day after my birthday. So with every passing year, I legitimately have something to celebrate.

This year, I also have something else to be grateful for.

Despite all the resistance I could muster, and circumstances bigger than both of us, I fell in love.

Remember that post I wrote about the ‘good’ break up I had?

Well I took it down recently, the only post I have ever taken down.

The break-up was so good in fact, that we were back together within a month.

I have honestly never known love until him.

That’s it!

I won’t gush anymore.

This year has changed my life and I am in awe of what a difference a year makes.

Me in my earlier life 😊

Much love Txx

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