Why I Bake – Part 2 (Receiving Help)

I’m calling these: “Cinnamon Bun Bites”

So this post was supposed to be about asking for help.

I recently did a couple of oracle readings where this theme kept coming up.

However, I find myself on a Saturday night, baking cinnamon buns, and I wonder again – why do I bake?

Confession – I am a very haphazard baker. I do not own any weighing scales. a wooden spoon or a mixing bowl.

So yes, I do not weigh anything, and use casserole dishes to mix batter!

Things often go wrong at some stage, but (mostly) still end up tasting delicious.

This last week alone I have made: apple turnovers, banana bread and now buns.

So why do I do it?

I do it, because it is the way in which I receive help.

I am learning to ask for help.

Yes it comes in messages with friends, phone calls with sisters, and fish and chips from my boyfriend.


It also comes in baking.

When I get the urge to bake I know it is because I need some healing.

If I have been unwell, am feeling frustrated, or worried.

My energy is transmuted by kneading, pouring, whisking, cracking, and waiting to rise.

Whatever is troubling me, is found in the mess of what I create.

I allow myself to make mistakes. In fact I make mistakes on purpose.

I am allowed to muck up.

In the faith of waiting for something to be cooked, not knowing if it will turn out ok or not – I find my faith.

I find my grounding and assurance that everything is going to be ok.

I find my doubts, and they are welcome.

I have the knowledge that whatever will be will be.

Then – at least 95% of the time – what comes out of the oven is different than expected, but oh so delicious!

Another angle, another picture of my cinnamon bun bites! Named so because the recipe said it would make 12, but I came out with 4…which I cut up to make 12!

The other 5%…I throw in the bin knowing I will try again another day.

That’s life.

Much love Txx

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