How Are You Feeling?

It has been a while since I have done one of these, but today felt like the right time to ask again.

How are you feeling?

I’ll go first.

I am struggling with on-going treatment for breast cancer.

All the active treatment has been successfully completed, but I am supposed to be on hormone therapy for the next 5-10 years and wow – one year in, it is tough.

I spend much more time doing what I want now though. I give myself permission to let things slide. I rest.

I feel really content in myself.

I feel really close to those who nourish me.

How are you feeling?

Things keep changing in this world we share.

Remember to check in with how that makes you feel.

Allowing yourself to feel your feelings is so important in helping us to stay present and grounded.

In feeling our feelings we slowly come to observe how feelings can change in an instant. Day to day, hour by hour, week by week.

We learn to let those feelings go without undue attachment.

So today, right now, check in with how you are feeling, then continue your day until that feeling shifts, note that – and begin again.

Much love Txx

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