We Heal At Night



The night belongs to me too.

I’ve realised this as I sit at my table typing.

I thought it was only for the creepy crawlies, the spirits and the drunks.

For the teenagers and people in their early twenties whose sleep clocks are permanently out of whack.

Or perhaps the ‘night owls’ who I have absolutely never understood.

But tonight I find myself with them.


Earlier I had a healing session with The College Of Psychic Studies.

Perhaps that is why I cannot sleep.

Something deep shifted in that session, at this time, in holy week.

I have time off from work – so I get up and make the cinnamon buns I was planning for the morning.

I’m starving, absolutely ravenous, but trying not to eat as it is 3 in the morning!

I might have an orange though, or maybe some porridge to settle my stomach.

It dawns on me, before dawn comes,

it’s known that we heal in sleep, but we heal at night too. Whether sleep comes or not.

Perhaps tonight it is just my soul that needs healing.

This is how I start

I activate the yeast, which never fails to make me proud

Melt the butter

Beat egg and vanilla

Mix gluten free flour, baking powder and Xanthan Gum

Mix everything together until it feels like it would make good doughnuts

Shape into rectangle with my fingers and spread some more melted butter on top

Then cinnamon and sugar mixed

roll into log with my hands

Cut and ready to prove.

They’ve proven themselves to me!


(In case you want to make these… the recipe is here)


Back in bed and my sleep will be cinnamon sweet.

Much love Txx

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