So it is my birthday season and all is changing yet again.

I love this time of year. My desire to stay at home and be comfy is finally justifiable.

Leggings and warm jumpers, furry dressing gowns (with the hood up) and slippers.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

In nature the change is profound. Dark nights, red leaves.

In my heart – the same as I shift from who I used to be to who I am, for the umpteenth time in my life.

This blog has evolved so much since it began in 2016. It really has evolved with me.

I now have a YouTube channel and a podcast!

For a long time I have been posting everything I post there on to here, but now I have decided to keep it all separate.

Please go ahead and subscribe to the YouTube, and subscribe to the podcast if you want to continue to listen.

This blog returns to just being me writing, because I have missed that.

So like Autumn, I have stipped back all that does not need to be here. Back to basics, back to my nature.

Much love Txx

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