It Feels Like Yesterday

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Autumn is the time in which nature gives us a beautiful swan song. Colours explode each and everyday underfoot aswell as towards the heavens.

Autumn is also the time when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so when it returns, I reflect.

This year, two years after, I marvel at how it feels like yesterday.

The memories of it are so intact and acute, even if the pictures in my mind are not accurate, the feelings are.

I remember how nice it was having my sister here for three months, Christmas day watching Shutter Island, eating whenever and whatever we wanted.

Going through radiotherapy with a dear friend by my side, and meeting my now husband whilst walking around the park after surgery.

The ways in which everyday carried a light with it that blinded and guided at the same time.

Where am I today?

I am still recovering both body and mind, but I am moving forward.

Much love Txx

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