The World is Still Beautiful 

During the flight to Jamaica, we experienced a lot of turbulence.

A funny story in my family; is how until I was about 13 years old, I thought turbulence was an actual place!

This is because as a child, I was lucky enough to spend most of our summers away in California visiting my Grandma.

Everytime we experienced turbulance during the flight, my child brain just assumed we were flying over a rocky area! 

I pictured the plane having to manoeuvre ferocious looking mountains.

Anyway,  I soon learnt the truth, and it struck me how similar turbulent times in life are, to those moments on a plane. 

When times are hard we worry that things will never get better.

It’s hard to see a way through, and it’s hard to believe there is one.

Now I know I’m biased because I’m on holiday at the moment, but no matter what is happening in our world, there is still beauty.

You may have to look harder to find it, you may have to look further to find it.

You may find it in the eyes of a loved one or in the fur of a pet.

You may find it on holiday, or you may find it in everyday kindness.

Turbulent times will arise, and will pass – only to return again.

When they do, remind and assure yourself that  beauty is still here.

There is still beauty in this world.

Much love Txx 

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