Creating The Life You Want


(The Magician – Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

Last Wednesday we saw  April’s New Moon. 

The New Moon is a time of beginnings, it’s a chance each and every month, to set off down any new paths we may have been working towards.

Of course, this is not the only time to begin anew, but it is an optimal time to.

I find myself very in touch with moon cycles, and so over the last week or so, I have strongly felt this energy.

I knew certain things had come to/were coming to an end in my life, and it dawned on me as the Moon became new, that it was time to start manifesting what I want my life to look like.

We can spend a lot of time planning for change, change can also just come upon us, but how about when it is time for us to make the changes?

The Magician above is symbolic of how we each have the tools, to manifest our desires in life.

One of the most important steps in this process is visualization.

To visualize is to imagine what it is that you want.  To conjure up an image rich in color and vividness.

Some people like to actually make a mood board to focus upon.

When you visualize how you want your future to look, you are powerfully telling yourself that it is possible to achieve. 

However, visualization is just one step in the process.

You then need to be able to make movement towards what you wish for.

A common misconception about the Law of Attraction, is that you attract what you want (or don’t want) in your life, by what your thoughts are focused on.

However just as The Magician above depicts, we have more than just our thoughts at our disposal.

On the table, there are illustrations of a Sword (the Tarot symbol for ‘Thought’), a Cup (the Tarot symbol for ‘Love’), a Pentacle or Coin (the tarot symbol for the ‘Material World’), and a Wand (the Tarot symbol for ‘Action’)

This suggests that in order to make things happen, we need to use a combination of techniques. 

The Magician is not really a magician at all in the traditional sense. He is actually an Alchemist.

This idea, that we have to do more than just visualize what we want our lives to look like, also takes into account that sometimes awful things happen to us.

Things that we could not have imagined.

  Life can be devastating through no fault of our own.

However we can use whatever we have to make things even a little better.

Others can try and make things better for us too.

This can be through acts of giving – love, money or time.

Even at the bottom of a well,  we have the choice to look up,  and perhaps try to climb. 

So if we are fortunate enough  to have many choices available, and resources with which to make things happen for ourselves, how can we go about achieving what we want, after we have visualized it?

Get out of your own way 

Life requires a certain amount of ‘flow’

We need to be able to recognize when to step back, and allow things to pan out for our highest good.

Ambitious people may find this particularly hard to do.

 A way to do this is to sit with problems when they arise. 

If there is a job you felt sure you would get when you applied,  if a plan you made was thwarted by obstacles outside of your control – sit with the uncomfortable feeling, and try and ascertain what it wants to tell you.

Perhaps that job would not have worked realistically with other commitments.  Perhaps that plan you made would have led to an unhappy outcome.

If what you visualize appears to not ever work out, change and adapt your visualization accordingly. 

It’s yours after all.

Work in tandem with the bigger scheme of life.

Let things happen, then move forward, even if it means moving around something, or being moved by something.

Similarly, don’t try and preempt life. If something is not moving fast enough for you, as long as it is moving – wait!

Exercise Patience 

There is a difference between wasting time and waiting.

Waiting for the right thing, can do no harm.

If you are working towards certain things in your life, patience will be required.

Are you emotionally ready to buy a house yet need to save for a deposit? Exercising patience whilst you wait to amass the money is a valuable skill.

It will make sure that you do not act impulsively,  and miss out on the very thing you want eventually.

Having patience is about playing the long game. 

A bit of discomfort now, could lead to the life of your dreams.

Make a Decision 

Do you need to decide for yourself what your next step should be?

Sometimes we just need to have a little word with ourselves and gauge what our next steps should be.

Connect to your intuition.

Take some time to be still, before you take action.

Take the Next Step 

Manifesting the life you want, is going to be a process.

The most sustainable way forward is one step at a time. 

After identifying your next step – take it.

If it’s applying for a job in the destination of your choice, go for it.

If it’s going to the bank to discuss Mortgage options, do it.

If it’s getting your finances stable, set up a payment plan for any debts.


As I begin to manifest the life I want, I will continue to chart developments and guidance on this blog.

Thank you as always for being a part of my life journey.

Much love


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