Tradition and Becoming a Certified Tarot Reader 


( The Hierophant – Rider Waite Smith Tarot)



I have a thirst for knowledge, so deep it appears to be  unquenchable.

As I approach the end of my MA Creative Writing, I’ve decided it’s time to do the next thing on my ‘What I want to do in my life’ list.

A few weeks ago,   I took  my first step towards becoming a certified Tarot Card Reader!

I’ve now completed a one day beginner’s workshop,  and in September I will start an 8 week course ending in Certification.

I am taking these courses with Treadwells Bookshop in London, a well-respected community that I have spent some time in.

Although I read Tarot intuitively, I want to meet other Tarot Readers, and I want to make sure I have sound knowledge of the traditional meaning of the cards, as well as the symbolism inherent within them.

A bit like learning the concept of ‘form’ in poetry,  I think it is good to have a basic understanding of tradition, before you then use your own skills to adapt and add.

It got me thinking about tradition and what it means to me.

I would describe myself as a traditional type of girl in lots of respects, especially when it comes to relationships.

Lately however, I have been wondering just how traditional I am.


The fact I read the Tarot is not traditional.


The fact I call myself a Christian and believe myself to be pretty religious –  and yet do not attend a church regularly (and read the Tarot)  is not traditional.


I believe in some pretty ‘out there’ concepts which are certainly not traditional.


So now I am wondering just how traditional I really am, especially as the shape I would like my life to take is changing.


Do I want to get married?

Do I want to have children?

These are all questions that I have never truly searched my heart for.

The Hierophant card above talks about tradition and conformity, structures and organisations.

The other day it came out in a reading I did for myself – reversed and paired with the Tower card – a card of great, sudden change.

I instantly understood that as conventional as I always believed myself to be,  – I am becoming less so.


 I have definitely always been one to follow my heart, and it has not always led down a traditional path.

There is a Shona proverb that I love:


“The heart is like a tree, it grows wherever it wants



What if like me, following your heart takes you further and further away from tradition?

It’s a scary place to find yourself in.

Questioning what you always thought you wanted.

Making sure that what you now think you want, is not born out of disappointment and disillusionment, because you haven’t got what you thought you wanted!

What I ultimately want is the freedom to follow my heart.

This comes with a lot more respect for conformity than you would imagine.

It means that I have to work as an employee before/alongside being self-employed.

It means I have to commit to myself and my dreams, even in the hard times, as security is a great basis for manifesting your desires.

It means that I have to assess whether the relationships in my life will give me freedom, as well as maintain commitment.


What is your personal journey with tradition?

Much love always. Txx

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