Let The Dead Leaves Drop

Leaves Drop


On Saturday I posted about the general feeling I get now that we have entered September.


Autumn is my favourite season, perhaps because it is the season of my birth.


I love how the colours of the trees begin to change, and we see the floor become dirty with their offerings.


As Paulo Coelho says in his novel Adultery:


“Soon the leaves will change colour and each tree will be different from all the others.”

Paulo Coelho – Adultery p70



But what does Autumn symbolise for us?


Surely it is a time for letting go?


Just like Rumi, I feel it is a time to let many things fall away, things we may have been desperately holding on to.


For me, this is mainly about outdated beliefs and fears.


My anxiety surrounding going with the flow of life.


I wrote a post last week about making things happen.


Yet how can we both make things happen, and go with the flow?


I think in essence this balance is achieved by allowing.


Allowing things to happen, whilst simultaneously allowing things to not happen.


Allowing things to leave your life, and allowing things to stay.


This all sounds a bit abstract right? I mean, what exactly is involved in allowing something to happen/not to happen?


How is this in anyway empowering?


Autumn trees allow their leaves to fall. There is no fight and there is no resistance.  Even if there was, it would be pointless.


In what ways  can we emulate a tree and allow things to change in our lives?


Because actually when you are allowing something to happen, what you are really saying is that you are in control of yourself, though we can never control another.


You are the one allowing your boyfriend to leave your life, even if he is the one to break up with you.


You are allowing yourself to try something new, even if your place of work  makes you redundant.


You are allowing a new friend, or lover into your life because you are open to love.


 How you allow yourself to see your life, will define your life experience.


Once you accept how this often subtle process of allowance is showing up for you,  then you really can be like a tree –  and let the dead leaves drop.



Much love Txx

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