I Love Being Able To Help

In the last couple of weeks I have conducted a number of Psychic readings for clients.

A couple of these were for people I read for regularly, and one was for a dear friend I had never properly read for before.

With the help of my guides and the wider spirit realm, I delivered messages with an uncanny level of accuracy. (Lockdown has given me the time and space to further improve my skills and get to know new guides.)

It gives me such an intense feeling of happiness to know that I delivered just what the other person needed to hear, at just the right time.

I have been honing my psychic and mediumship skills for about 10 years now, though for most of those years I didn’t realise I was.

My first direct re-experience with the spirit realm (as an adult) occurred in 2010. I didn’t think too much of it until I had another direct encounter in 2014.

As mentioned on this blog before, I then woke up one day in 2015 with the strong desire to start reading Tarot.

(I had never seen a Tarot deck in real life before, much less picked one up before then.)

In 2018 I started developing with The College of Psychic Studies in London after a Tarot course left me with the understanding that I was a Psychic and a Medium.

This journey has been a wild one, I can tell you that!

But I absolutely love being able to help.

Much love Txx

One thought on “I Love Being Able To Help

  1. Help begets help. I’m so happy to know about the wonderful work you’re doing in psychic reading. Years ago, during my spiritual journey, a wonderful lady conducted some psychic readings on me. She was, no doubt full of love and empathy. However, I got a bit unnerved that she could look into my past lives and so on. I wouldn’t want to be an open book for anyone, especially about stuff which I didn’t know.
    Please tell me, is that a real danger?

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