5 thoughts on “Tarot Readings For Each Zodiac Sign: “July 2021”

  1. I hope things do speed up a bit. Still lacking energy so I am still not motivated to doing much.
    Also how do I get to see the video? All I can see is the list of star signs and you very much in the background.
    I love that you are doing cards. Mxxx

    1. Hi Mary 🙂 So once you’ve found the list…just click on your sign.

      It might have the list running over the top, so once the video starts just ‘close’ the list with the ‘X’ button top right hand corner…I hope that helps!

      Let me know if you still can’t access it! I’m experimenting with how to share the videos!

      I’ve been reading cards for about 5 years now…finally got the courage to start the channel 🥰 xxx

  2. Hi Toniann,
    Your reading for Sagittarius was spot on for my situation at the moment, I’m trying to work on a project with the help of my dad and its been very difficult. We want the same outcome but have totally different ideas on how to get there.
    Communication is particularly difficult as its loaded with expectation, emotions and not wanting to let each other down.
    Hopefully we’ll get there eventually 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me know Angel 🙂 I’m glad it was relevant and I’m sure you’ll get there eventually. The Sagittarius reading for June was very much about communication and compromise…go back and watch that if you haven’t already.
      It’s always extra difficult when emotions plus expectations are involved. Good luck! ❤

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