An Angel Called James

If I needed further proof that we are surrounded by love and protection from the Angelic realm… I received it recently.

It began on a Thursday.

I was due in the office.

I got up, showered, had a glass of juice and a glass of water, and began my twenty minute walk in.

Within a few minutes I had to stop as I was struggling to breathe.

I struggled on confused, and sat down a few more times wondering what on earth was happening.

Eventually I was defeated by a footbridge close to campus, I sat down on a bench close to crying.

My good friend James appeared.

“I was literally just thinking of you”

That was true.

As I had been trying to walk, I kept thinking how great it would be to bump into him.

We live and work quite close to each other, but have never crossed paths in a morning before.

He’d decided to have a little coffee in his garden before leaving, which meant he appeared to me at just the right time.

With his encouragement, and direction, I ended up in A&E.

It was discovered that I had multiple blood clots on my lungs – they think due to my second dose of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine.

Wow, what a time I am having lately!

Angel number 45:
“Your angels want you to know that they are involved in one of your significant life changes at this time, and ask that you follow their lead in regards to your next steps.” – Joanne Sacred Scribes

As I spent the next 36 hours(ish) in hospital, I strangely felt more safe and okay than you might think.

Even as I could see the worry in the doctor’s eyes, I felt calm, if a little emotional.

I was emotional because I saw the beauty in the situation.

I met some people who I would never have met.

I got the chance (again) to get right up close to my mortality and see life in its truest form.

I worked out my newly formed ‘depend on others’ muscle, and I rested and waited and surrendered.

I was discharged the next night with blood thinners and I am recovering well at home.

Me on a walk a few days later ❤

Thank you James, for being there when I needed you.

Much love Txx

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