At work, contemplating life

Almost exactly this time last year I went on retreat. Next Saturday I go again.

Those who read this blog regularly will know that I retreat at least once a year down in Devon at the Sharpham Trust.

Since the pandemic they have been running retreats at home, and I completed my first one this time last year.

Here I am again, about to start another one. At home.

It’s funny how years can repeat themselves – I did not realise I had booked onto another one at exactly the same time of year until just before I started writing this blog.

In fact it is what got me writing this blog.

This time last year I was a whole other person, with no idea of where life would take me in twelve months.

Though is that really true? Did I really have no idea?

I had a nagging feeling that my health was not right.

I was also in denial about my unhappiness.

Life had not felt truly good for a while.

I was in a transitory phase with only minimal conscious awareness.

A bridge between my ‘girlhood’ and my womanhood.

In my girlhood I was tossed about like foam on the ocean.

My heart was repeatedly broken, and I took on the pain of others willingly.

Now I stand here, as a woman, and I retreat again.

On the other side of retreat, I will find a way to write about this new place I am in.

Much love Txx

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