Is It Too Early?

hands turn to knuckles

as they are hit by outside

is it too early?


I wrote the poem above after heading to the supermarket in the freezing cold, and finding tulips there.

I wondered if it was too early to buy a spring flower, dropped it into my basket.

When I got home and placed them in a jar/vase – I gazed at them peeking out above my laptop – I thought

Is it too early?

Did I buy something ripped from the ground prematurely?

But are we ever really ready?

When something significant happens, do we always feel as though it took us by surprise?

I think we probably do.

It feels too early for our children to start school.

Too early for our parents to get ill.

Too early to suddenly find ourselves at 37 years old.

Life is fleeting.

No, it is not too early to have tulips on my dining table, and it is never too early to think about the shortness of life.

Much love Txx

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