The Seasons of Love (Part One)

"Don't think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter..." Rumi:

(Picture from –

There’s obviously something poetic about falling in love, but no one talks about the decisions you have to make.

Often the decision to love another is closely linked to the decision to love yourself. You can’t truly love someone else unless you are willing to look at all the things you hate in yourself, and come to terms with the fact that you are not perfect – yet still love you anyway.

This transitory phase into loving yourself, can sometimes feel like a battle.

Rumi’s poem above is simple in it message. Things are not dead in the Winter like we think they are. Roots are being prepared beneath the surface, protected by layers of soil, sometimes frost, sometimes rain water.

Like a good retreat from the world – being at rest means a period of preparation for action.

Dependent on your religious/spiritual or other beliefs, even death can be a period of preparation for the next level.

4 Of Swords:Work: This is a great time to take some time off from work if you can (even a long weekend.) you need a break and some perspective. Things are not likely to be going as you would like them to do - don't take this personally or try to push harder. Sometimes we just need to be patient with the process. If you can't stand the need for patience, perhaps the time has come to start looking for another position.Source: psychic-revelation card meaning/Rider-Waite Tarot Card:

(Four of Swords – Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Above is the Four of Swords Tarot card. This card is about a period of rest. The figure appears to be lying in final rest in a church, yet the swords above and beneath him suggest that further action will be taken.

It is symbolic of recuperation after one battle and retreat before the next.

This is what happens after your heart is broken. You recover and love again.

Because love always exists.

alone, always, choice, dead, death, depress, depressed, emotionless, empty, inspire, interesting, life, lonely, numb, pain, quote, quotes, sad, suicidal, true, truth, unhappy:

(Picture from –

The poet Rumi believed that poetry, as well as music and dance, is a way to reach God. Like other Sufi poets and mystics, his work follows the theme of Tawad – the longing and desire to be in Union with God.

If this is the case, if we as humans are on some level deeply nostalgic for our creator, than what does that make life?

Is life a period of rest before the next stage?

Do we go through trials and tribulations in life and is life itself just one such trial?

Well – that changes everything.

That would mean, that even as we go through the worst experiences that life has to offer – things will always get better.

So it is with love. After heartbreak comes abundance.

Ace of Cups Love, holy, wholesome, health, good, harmless or do no harm, flow, water or moving liquid (blood, for instance), cooperation, help or helpful, benefit or beneficial: All these meanings arise from the concept illustrated (not too clearly) by that picture of the fountain’s five streams flowing into an ocean (consciousness). The idea pictured is that the presence of God, Holy Spirit, infuses a person’s senses so that the person channels God influence to the general population of humans.:

(Ace of cups – Rider Waite Tarot Card)

So it is with the seasons, after Winter we get Spring.

The simplicity of the quote from the start of this blog is that nothing is ever really lost.  Winter encompasses Spring and Spring is fueled by Winter. At all times under the surface things are always the same.

I think, this means that there is always love.

There is a force behind the best pieces of literature, art and music. This force is always present and is indescribable.

 This force is love.

The passion that goes into crafting words, perfecting notes, creating the sharpest brushstroke.

Even when we go through periods of writers block, or seem to lose whatever inspirational muse we had, that force is still there. Just beneath the surface waiting for daffodils to bloom.

Much love Txx

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