Wednesday Wisdom #8

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing an oracle card for inspiration, and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt or simply something to reflect on.

Image result for Truth be told colette baron reid oracle

(Truth Be Told – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid )

( No Place Like Home – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

Today I pulled two cards. Both fell out whilst I was shuffling, and I felt there was a joint message, as well as separate messages, for each card.

The first card was the ‘Truth Be Told’ card, this speaks to me of hidden truths regarding relationships, being revealed.

These can be platonic, family  or romantic relationships.

As the ‘No Place Like Home’ card also came up,  this indicates truths  being revealed in your family, that were previously hidden or untold.

Literally, the combination of  both cards speaks of ‘home truths’.

I always feel as though the “truth” card should be read as something good being revealed.

However, in reality I always feel as though this truth may be hard to deal with at first – but will ultimately be for the higher good of all involved.

Perhaps it is a truth that has been a long time coming, and so it is shrouded in frustration.

So it is with romance. You may hear something over the next couple of days that you wish you didn’t have to hear.

Ultimately however, the truth will lead to stronger bonds and ultimate soul growth – for you as a couple or for you as a single person.

Alternatively, you may hear of a truth in your relationship, that you have been waiting to hear for a long time. Perhaps so long that you don’t think it is coming, perhaps it sounds too good to be true.

You may have some resistance towards these good things coming into your life, due to past wounds and upsets. In this case, the card speaks of forgiveness. Let whoever hurt you in the past, try to make it up to you.

The owl in the picture is a window of love. This is an opportunity full of love and happiness through whatever truth will be revealed. Are you ready for it?


The ‘No Place Like Home’ card in this reading, spoke to me of decisions regarding where you are living, and where you perhaps want to be living.

It speaks to me not just of decisions regarding cites or towns, but also regarding countries.

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I knew this card would come out this morning.

A lot of us are trying to make decisions regarding our home environment, including me!

It could be as simple as redecoration, or it could be a move abroad.

Both cards together could speak of a long held wish to move in with a partner. To make a home together, to start a life together.


In more simple and literal terms, as the holiday season begins, this card is also about spending more time at home with family – and the challenges this can bring up.

Some of you may be worrying about seeing a certain person during Christmas,  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or your time off work,  and having to confront long held issues.

Some of you may just be looking forward to spending time with loved ones and having heartfelt conversations.

Either way, things are coming up that will need to be faced, and they are more than likely regarding your relationship with another, and your home.


Ultimately these cards are asking you to tell, and accept the truth with love and grace.

They are asking you to be grateful for what you have, whilst still being mindful that this may all need to change.

Hold on to your hats – this week/weeks may be a bumpy ride.

Much love Txx

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